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How to Get Started with Designature Studio

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1. Initiate the Project

Please share information about your interior design project in whichever way suits you best. You have two options: you can either use our room design form, or you can submit a free-text custom interior design project.

If you decide to use the room design form, please follow the provided instructions. Alternatively, if you prefer a free-text format, ensure that you include all the necessary information we need to know. This should encompass details such as your budget (if you have one in mind), the existing floor plan, and any other pertinent information.

This step is crucial for us to understand your interior design project and determine how we can assist you. Importantly, this stage has no financial obligation – it’s completely free. We’re collecting this information so that we can reach out to you and discuss your specific needs. Furthermore, even after our initial discovery call, you’re under no obligation to proceed with the project. 

If you encounter any difficulties while completing the form, don’t worry. You have the option to request a free consultation simply.

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2. Communicate with Designer

After receiving your online interior design request, we will promptly review the information you’ve provided and aim to contact you within two business days. We will set up a discovery call and virtually go through all the interior design details. Our goal is to comprehensively address every aspect of your project, ensuring a clear understanding of your needs and expectations. If after the discovery call, you’re comfortable that we’re a good fit for each other, we can proceed with the project.

If you decide to proceed with an online interior design project, we’ll create an account for you and send you a follow-up email with all the project details (with the final confirmed information and the scope of work), a temporary password for entering your account, and a checkout link for the payment. As soon as the payment is processed, we’ll send you an invoice and get started on your project.

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3. Receive Your Project Materials and Files

Throughout the project, we will maintain close communication with you. Our online interior design services for the base package include:

  • Design concept
  • A floor plan design with detailed measurements and descriptions
  • Moodboard
  • A comprehensive shopping list, including a couple of alternative options for key furniture pieces.

If you have requested custom technical drawings, an electrical plan, or the 3D design, rest assured that these essential deliverables will be provided alongside the base package to kickstart your renovation process. Furthermore, once the base package is finalized, you can expect to receive the 3D design, or a 3D walkthrough as requested.

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4. Setup Your New Environment

Great news! You now have all the essential materials and files to begin shopping and bringing your dream space to life. We’ve made sure that all the supplementary resources are in place, so you can confidently recreate the exact look in your space without any worries. Please remember that we’re here to assist you at every step of the journey. If you have any design-related concerns, please don’t hesitate to discuss them with us.


What You Get With Designature


Functional floor plan for your space.


Shoppable moodboard visual illustration.

Shopping List

Complete shopping list for essential furnishings and items.


Design guidance for the installation process.

3D Design

3D photorealistic visualization.

3D Walkthrough

An interactive 3D model of the property.

Custom Drawings

Custom technical drawings for any furniture piece.

Electrical Plan

Detailed plan of switches and receptacles.


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