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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to renovate a couple of rooms in my house. How do I get started?

If you’re renovating only a few rooms, begin by using the “House and Room Design” form. Simply select the specific rooms you'd like to revamp.

After we've confirmed the information, we'll send you an email with all the project details and an invoice for payment. As soon as the payment is processed, we'll get started on your project!

What is included in the basic room design plan without any additional features?

Our standard online interior design services include:

  • Design concept
  • A floor plan design with detailed measurements and descriptions
  • Moodboard
  • Comprehensive shopping list, including alternative options for key furniture pieces.
Can I choose different services for each room?

No, to select different services for each room, you must create separate projects using the “House and Room Design” form.

I want to design a commercial office space. What should I do?

Visit “Custom Interior Design”, provide details about your project, and attach any relevant files. Await our connection; most requests are reviewed within 2 business days, some may take longer.

Should I pay anything when filling the “House and Room Design” form?

No, submitting the online interior design form is free. This step helps us understand your specific needs. After receiving your request, we'll schedule a meeting to discuss every detail of your project. It's important to note that there is no obligation to purchase online interior design services after submitting the form; it serves as an inquiry form to connect, discuss your needs, and explore how we can assist you.

How should I pay for the online interior design service?

Getting started is easy! Fill out the “House and Room Design” form with all the necessary information. Within 2 business days, our team will reach out to you to confirm details and ensure accuracy. Once confirmed, we'll send you an email containing all project details along with an invoice for payment. When the payment is processed, we'll commence work on your project!

What information is required to initiate a room design project?

Just fill out the “House and Room Design” form, specifying the room you're renovating, and the desired online design service, and attach the floorplan if available. If you don't have a floor plan, we'll reach out to assist you in creating one. Refer to "How to Measure Room" for additional guidance.

Can I include the renovation of two living rooms, one for me and one for my mom, within a single project scope?

If online design services are the same for both rooms, you can include multiple living rooms in one project scope. Simply select the rooms, provide the quantity of each room, and two different floor plans for each room.

How do I measure my room if I don't have a floorplan?

Refer to our Room Measuring Guidelines page for easy-to-follow instructions on measuring your room.

Can I choose the “House and Room Design” package if I need to renovate my kitchen?

Yes, just make sure to select the Kitchen room on the first page of the form.

How does the pricing change if I choose more than one room?

In the “House and Room Design” form if you select 3 rooms the overall price is discounted by 10%, 4 rooms by 15%, and choosing more than 5 rooms will result in a 20% reduction in the price.

What happens if the items I tried to buy are out of stock after a month?

We take responsibility for in-stock items within 14 days after completing the project. If they are out of stock within that period, we will collaborate with you to select an alternative product.

What sets Designature apart from other low-cost interior design websites?

Our base package provides a comprehensive bundle with inputs for starting your renovation and shopping. Additionally, we provide extra services such as custom technical furniture drawings, electrical plans, 3D designs, and 3D walkthroughs. Explore more about our services on our “How it Works” page.

Can I keep a piece of furniture from my existing design?

Absolutely, you can specify the furniture piece you want to keep in the "Anything Else?" section when creating the “House and Room Design” project.

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