Embark on a journey with a young couple as they prepare to turn their cherished dreams into reality. 

Though modest in size, the kitchen embraces ingenuity, encompassing everything necessary for daily culinary endeavors. Seamlessly merging with the adjoining dining and living areas, this space encourages effortless flow and harmonious interaction. A soothing palette of muted tones, the living room white couch, and the brass fixtures pervade the atmosphere, instilling a sense of relaxation and sophistication. The green-gray accent wall serves as the focal point of the room.

Given that both clients work in the field of information technology, they need to have an inviting and functional office space, as they quite frequently work from home. Understanding this requirement, we cleverly integrated workstations into a compact area adjacent to the bedroom. 

Witness the captivating reality of this couple’s passion for crafting a unique and enchanting home within the confines of their newfound abode.

project type:
Residential Interior Design

[820 ft2]

Total Area