Step into the chic and cost-effective world of our recently designed 2-bedroom apartment, perfect for rental living. The entire concept revolves around a harmonious blend of wood and black elements, creating a modern yet budget-friendly home interior design.

As you enter, the open floorplan unfolds, seamlessly connecting the living, dining rooms, and kitchen nestled in a cozy nook. The kitchen, a focal point in sleek efficiency, features black cabinets and a warm wooden countertop. A small bar adds a touch of intimacy, perfect for leisurely breakfasts.

Our commitment to cost-effectiveness is evident in every detail, from the carefully chosen materials to the streamlined design. Extending the wood and black theme, we incorporated wooden walls in the bathroom and fashioned a slatted closet door from black wood, ensuring a cohesive and contemporary bedroom design aesthetic throughout.

project type:
Commercial Interior Design


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