Join us on an exciting journey as we work with Marcela and Hector, a dynamic young couple, to craft their dream home in the picturesque mountains of Colorado. This property encompasses not just a stunning single-family home but also a charming Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) designed for independent living and short-term rentals.

When Marcela and Hector first approached us, their vision was clear: they desired a space that radiated simple elegance with clean lines. They yearned to bring the serenity of natural materials into their dream home, all while harmoniously merging Scandinavian and contemporary design elements. However, there was an intriguing twist – they were passionate about Viking-inspired decor, presenting us with a unique and captivating challenge.

The challenge was not to use straightforward Viking décor elements, so we came up with an idea to carve the Viking knots with stencil to get protuberant / deepening shapes on the walls. This ingenious idea not only brought the Viking vibes the couple desired but also seamlessly blended with the contemporary look they envisioned.

At the core of this project is the 250 sqft open floorplan ADU, a charming guest suite thoughtfully designed to comfortably host two adult guests. This delightful space is perfect for short-term vacation rentals and offers complete independence from the main house.

We’ve ensured that the ADU comes complete with a convenient storage area, allowing guests to effortlessly access their ski gear for outdoor adventures.

You can get to know the homeowners and follow the construction at:

YouTube: Efficient Build

Instagram: efficient_build

Facebook: Efficient Build

Marcela and Hector’s quest to create their dream home is an inspiring story of blending aesthetics, bridging styles, and embracing the beauty of nature. Join us as we accompany them on this remarkable transformation from concept to a beautiful reality. Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we move forward, delving deeper into the world of ADUs, open floorplans, and interior design excellence.

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